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AWCI Watch Service and Repair

WatchMann offers professional watch service and repair for all types of fine watches. Service is performed by an experienced AWCI certified watchmaker, highly trained to meet Swiss watch repair industry standards.

Watch repair services offered:

• Mechanical watch repair
• Quartz watch repair
• Chronograph watch repair
• Chronometer watch repair
• Automatic wind watch repair
• Motion powered quartz watch repair
• Solar powered watch repair
• Digital watch repair
• Perpetual calendar watch repair and setting
• Pocket watch and pendant watch repair
• Battery replacement with case polishing and
restoration and pressure testing
• We can repair your diver's watch with pressure test.
• Complex quartz watch repair
• Complete watch movement service
• Watch cleaning and overhaul
• Movement exchange
• Crystal replacement
• Stem and crown replacement
• Watch battery replacement
• Watch capacitor replacement
• Most other types of watch repair as well

Watch overhaul service includes complete disassembly and overhaul of the watch movement, with mainsprings replaced on all mechanical movements unless noted. All watch parts are inspected for wear (worn parts are replaced or repaired), then ultrasonically cleaned in a multi stage process. After lubrication and reassembly, newly overhauled watches are then electronically timed to industry standards to ensure accuracy. Watch cases and bracelets are ultrasonically cleaned and polished, and a pressure test is performed when applicable. All watch repair work is guaranteed to the original owner for one year from date of service. The guarantee does not include straps, bracelets, glass, batteries, wear and tear, loss, theft, knock, dents, moisture, excessive temperatures, strong magnetic fields, and defects as a result of incorrect use. Non authorized alterations and repairs will void the guarantee.

Service and repair estimates are free and provided within 14 days of receiving your watch. Estimates are provided on a case by case, and vary depending on the specific work and parts needed. Turnaround time for overhaul service is normally 3-5 weeks. Other services may be done sooner, or take longer depending on the repair.

To send your watch in for a free estimate, please follow these easy steps:

-Fill in and submit the form below to let us know you are sending a watch.
-Wrap the watch well in bubble wrap, and pack it tight in a shipping box.
-IMPORTANT! Do not use tape to seal the bubble wrap - USE RUBBER BANDS ONLY.
-Ship the watch insured and traceable to:

W Mann
317 S. Division St. #14
Ann Arbor, MI.

Once you submit the form you may ship us the watch, no additional confirmation is needed. After receiving your watch we will contact you with an estimate within 14 days. If no work is performed the cost of return shipping is $15. If you have any questions before or after sending your watch please call 1-877-252-6786.

Watch Service and Repair Form

First Name
Last Name
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Zip Code
Email Address
Daytime Phone
Brand and Model Watch
Does the watch run?
Description of problem
Disclaimer: Watch repair work involves handling and disassembly of a watch using tools such as a case opener, tweezers, screwdrivers, clamps, and vises. Our shop takes every precaution to prevent damage from tools, or intrusion of foreign matter, however small marks, dust, or tiny particles can occasionally be left by using the tools required to carry out the needed repair. By submitting this form and/or sending your watch for service, you acknowledge the risks of repair as described above, and agree to hold WatchMann harmless should any such damage as described occur in the course of repairing your watch.
Order Toll Free: 1-877-252-6786
International:     1-734-412-4995
Our business hours are Monday-Thursday
10am-6:00pm, Friday 10am-1:00pm EST.