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Traser H3 Tritium Military Watches

Through its own research, the Swiss company mb microtec has succeeded in manufacturing a self-activated light source for use in wristwatches that is 100 times brighter than any previously available. The light-emitting devices, also known as Trasers, require no battery power or any other form of external power supply, do not require the push of a button, never need servicing or maintenance, and have a useful life of more than 20 years.

A Traser watch contains max. 1 GigaBecquerel (GBq) Tritium, a manmade radioactive isotope that also exists in the natural environment. The Tritium decays to helium and in the process emits a low energy electron. The gaseous Tritium in Traser watches is contained in a small hollow body of mineral glass, sealed air tight with a laser.

The surface of the watch is free of any radiation because the electrons do not penetrate the glass wall of the vial nor the case of the watch. The GTLS (gaseous tritium light source) in Traser watches are attached in such a way that breakage and/or release of the gas is highly unlikely.

International standards must be met, and Traser tritium watches are tested to be in compliance with all mechanical and environmental regulatory requirements relating to products of this nature. More specifically, Traser watches are licensed by the Bundsamt fur Gesundheit (BAG-1971/7) in Switzerland (source country) and are approved for distribution by the NRC (nuclear regulatory commission) in the USA.

Every Traser H3 tritium watch uses this unique technology on the hands, hour markers, and bezel, making them the worlds easiest watch to read in low light conditions and total darkness. The benefits of tritium tube technology have made traser watches an absolute must in the emergency, safety and protection sectors, as well as in the armed forces. This also makes Traser watches ideal for fans of sport and adventure everywhere!

All MB Microtec Traser® H3-watches are top quality, Swiss made, extremely robust and functional, and in addition to that equipped with the very best illumination technology available today. A choice of finishes and timeless, striking designs complete these outstanding timepieces.

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A Traser® H3 watch purchased from an unauthorized retailer is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Traser® H3's authorized network provides assurance that you are purchasing authentic, first quality, warranted watches.

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