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Schaumburg Watches

In the land of Schaumburg in the Weser renaissance, mechanical watches are produced under its very name: Schaumburg Watch. Since 1998 our free-spirited and extraordinary watches have been designed by the present-day firm owner. The reputation of Schaumburg Watch cannot be measured by output figures or the abundance of its model range. We evade quantity-based classifications and thus meet the demands of excellent quality at all costs.

The GT ONE is the ultimate watch, even if the model has got only one hand to indicate the time. Sometimes less is more. In their original form and shape, one-handed watches are shadow-rods as found in sundials, which have already been mentioned from the fourth century BC. The GT ONE is based on the vintage model of the sundial: Just one line is enough to indicate the time.

Schaumburg GT-ONE Watches

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