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Junkers Watches

(pronounced Yoon-Kers)

The German company POINTtec produce Junkers and Graf Zeppelin aviation design wristwatches. These fine watches recall famous names of early aviation, combining historic aircraft design elements, along with durable and distinctive hand wound, mechanical automatic, and quartz movements. Because of the outstanding functional quality and technical design of its watches, POINTtec has been appointed supplier for the Federal Troops of the National German Military Services (Bundeswehr).

With enormous advances in air travel during the 1920's and 30's, there was practically no airline worldwide without Junkers aircraft. Manufactured in the Dessau Junkers works, the Junkers F 13 was believed to be the most widely used passenger plane at that time. Multi-engine planes such as the G 31 and G 38, and especially the JU 52, made the name Junkers famous the world over. The "Auntie JU" was legendary for its extreme punctuality and indestructibility. Even today, the planes are still capable of world premieres. According to a report in the Zuricher Zeitung, a 60 year old Junkers JU 52 set off on a tour round the world on January 11th, 2000. With no pressurized cabin or heating, the nostalgia plane found its way across the globe at an altitude of 3000 meters.

To honor the outstanding achievements by Junkers and Lufthansa, POINTtec has created a series of Junkers aero plane watches, carefully designed down to the last detail. The collection is distinguished by sophisticated dials, stainless steel cases, and a range of movements with special technical features such as Big Date, movements with a second time zone display, Day Date with small seconds dial, and certified chronometer movements with a 5 hour stop function. The mechanical calibers used, such as the mechanical chrono movement from Poljot, and manual winding mechanism with calendar, will make the Junkers watches popular collector items. Each watch has an edition number and the Junkers aero plane symbol engraved on the stainless steel base.

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Product ID 66662
Manufacturer Junkers
Junkers Power Reserve Automatic Watch 6666-2

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