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Graf Zeppelin Watches

The German company POINTtec produce aviation-inspired Graf Zeppelin watches and Junkers watches. These premium watches bring back famous names of aviation, and combine historic aircraft design elements with durable and distinctive hand wound, mechanical automatic, and quartz movements. Due to the outstanding functional quality and technical design of its watches, POINTtec has been appointed supplier for the Federal Troops of the National German Military Services (Bundeswehr).

Ferdinand Grafvon Zeppelin Ferdinand Grafvon Zeppelin (1838 -1917) was a German pioneer of aeronautics, renowned for his huge airships. In 1900 he constructed the first ever dirigible aero fixed airship ZEPPELIN "LZ 1". In 1909 he founded the Company Luftschiftbau Zeppelin GmbH, Friedrichhafen. With its worldwide air passenger services, Zeppelin was indeed the real founder of civil and commercial air traffic. "The crazy Count from Lake Constance" built up workshops that developed and produced engines, gear transmission machinery, envelopes and cellular gas bodies for the airships. "LZ 127 GRAF ZEPPELIN" and "LZ 129 HINDENBURG" were historic milestones never reached again. Between 1900 and 1938, ZEPPELIN GmbH constructed a total of more than 100 ZEPPELIN airships in 27 different versions. The largest aircraft to ever fly was "LZ 129" built in 1938, with a length of 804 feet, a diameter of 135 feet, and a volume of 7,063,000 cubic feet. The ship was powered by 4 Daimler diesel engines with 4,800 hp, and a maximum speed of 84 miles per hour. With a range of 7400 miles, the giant airships reached North and South America for transport of passengers, mail and freight.

In the traditional art of fine watch-making, POINTtec commemorates the "Giants of the Air". Each Graf Zeppelin watch is assembled by hand with superior quality cases, selected precision movements, and the finest leather straps. Today, high-tech Zeppelin airships are flying again over the Bodensee. Maybe you will see one cruising the skies with the legendary name "Graf Zeppelin"

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