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The history of Circula begins in 1955 with Heinz Huber in Pforzheim Germany, the watchmaking heart of the Black Forest. Today, 65 years later, Circula is producing high-quality watches in the third generation, making it one of the oldest watch microbrands in the world!

The watch history of the Huber family dates back to 1926. At that time, the family founded the jewelry and watch wholesaler Huber & Co. After the end of World War II, Heinz Huber rebuilt the family company in the completely destroyed city. In the general mood of optimism of the 1950s, Heinz also decided that he wanted to try something new. He no longer wanted to just trade watches and jewelry, but also to design, manufacture and sell watches of his own. He then realized this plan in 1955 and founded the watch brand Circula, which he named after the circulation of the balance wheel in mechanical movements.

Circula was revived in 2016 through Cornelius Huber, son of Inge and Klaus-Dieter Huber, and grandson of Heinz. His parents gave him his first Circula watch from 1955 for his wedding. Cornelius was always enthusiastic about watches, and decided on that day that he wanted to revive Circula. In 2017, he implemented his plan and launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the modernized new editions of Circula watches!

What makes Circula very special are the original in-house movements from Pforzheimer-Rohwerke GmbH (P.U.W.) whose movements are installed in the hand-wound and automatic watches of the Heritage collection. These new old stock movements have been slumbering in a warehouse since the late 1970s and were only rediscovered by accident a few years ago. Cornelius secured this treasure and breathed new life into the old movements by carefully installing them in modern stainless steel cases. Klaus-Dieter Huber continues to support his son Cornelius with all aspects of Circula. Thanks to the vision and passion of Cornelius Huber, the Circula brand has been carefully modernized to offer discerning watch fans high-quality watches in a minimal retro design.

Now into the third generation, the Huber family creates high-quality timepieces in Pforzheim, Germany, applying precise watchmaking and excellent materials.

The new and limited Heritage collection offers you a unique combination of historical movements and modern components: each watch contains an original P.U.W. in-house movement from the late 1970s – 100% Made in Germany!

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