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Traser H3 Military Watches

Type 3 and type 6 are authentic US - military watches designed and built according to specifications defined in MIL-W-46374 F and MIL-PRF-46374 G. These are the first military timepieces ever to be equipped with the patented MB-Microtec H3 permanent light technology. Thousands of these two Traser® H3 models have been issued to the men and women of the US Armed Forces. Now, also available to civilians with the only departure from the military version being the addition of a date window.



Traser H3 Professional Watches

Inspired by the look and success of the military series these five timepieces are in fact very different. All the models in this line also feature an illuminated second hand and the cases are either steel or Titanium. A series that is much appreciated in the law enforcement and protection community for its rugged durability and of course the night readability which is second to none. MB-Microtec H3 technology combined with the advantages of solid Titanium construction make the commander 100 top of the line in military watches! Why compromise when you can have the best?



Traser H3 Diver Watches

For the professional or the recreational diver, the ability to read his or her instruments is not just a desirable option or wished for convenience, it's a must! The P6504 meets this challenge. It is the only divers watch to be equipped with MB-Microtecs gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) in a blue colour. Under water, due to refraction the colour blue is the only (last) color still visible beyond a certain depth, thus the P6504 guarantees the diver access to vital information at a depth where other watches fail to perform. Available with either yellow or orange dial and easy to clean rubber band.




Traser H3 Classic Watches

In Traser®'s latest offering, the classic series, it all comes together. Military tested technology and a design to please the most discriminating watch enthusiasts. Form does not merely follow function, it complements it. The introduction of fine, Swiss made, automatic movement means that you will never have to buy a new battery for these timepieces - practical elegance at its best!


Traser H3
Aviator Watches
Based on the tradition of the amazing Bucker aeroplane construction and our state-of-the-art watch and instrument lighting trigalight, a new traser H3 series of watches has been developed. Absolutely reliable, easy to read, pleasant to wear, a stylish look with white trigalight lighting and affordable to buy: the traser H3 Aviator watches are a dream to own.


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